Ancient history

Saturday, May 17, 2014

It's amazing the things that turn up when you're not looking for them, isn't it? We've made a start on packing stuff up ready for the move, and all kinds of things have come to light (or drifted to the surface, depending how you look at it). Long-forgotten stuff that hasn't been seen in years, and in some cases not since my partner got this house about 15 years ago. Today's haul of interesting discoveries include:

- Two packages of tea, Russian Caravan (unopened) and Pu-erh (opened but almost intact). 'Best before' date on both is 2009.

- A straw hat. Neither of us has ever worn a straw hat so we're completely flummoxed as to where this might have come from, but it might be useful if we ever decide to play a yokel in the amateur dramatic society at some point I suppose.

- A box of VHS video cassettes, presumably overlooked when our last video recorder passed away and was replaced with a new-fangled DVD player.

- A copy of Ancient Egypt magazine from March/April 2002. It features an article on "Humour and the Ancient Egyptians" which rather disapprovingly states, "one subject area a segment of the Egyptian population thought to be immensely amusing, namely bawdy jokes about sexual behaviours, which one can only hope were for a more mature audience, will not be examined here." Shame. Oh, and it's reassuring to note that the Papyrus font was still all the rage back in 2002,

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